I am fascinated by the traces we leave behind, the graphic patterns and formations of structures and objects, the temporary solutions, the in-the-meantimes and the in-betweens of places and events. Contrasts and collisions seemingly absent of any rhyme or reason, the lack of explanations and connections; signs with their backs turned; chairs; sculptures placed against the stark backdrop of building sites and tarp. I am also very fond of the romantic 19th century landscapes with their empty scenery and soft lighting. Whether untouched or man-made, land is formed by time and conjures up a sense of perpetuity – in the past and for the future.

I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have lived in India, Italy and America, traveled the world and eventually been unexpectedly and increasingly fascinated by landscapes closer to home; captivated by the still beauty of the cooler and less colorfull.

I have decorated Forum, a 200 sqm Copenhagen metro station, the maternity ward of Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, offices, private homes and exhibited at Danish Achitecture Centre / City Struck.


For my work as author of short stories and of children’s books (in rhyme)

→ forfatter.anneprytzschaldemose.dk

→ Gyldendal, Den store danske